Culinary and Nutrition Consulting
Culinary and Nutrition Consulting
What is a dietitian?

In addition to our dietitian nutritionist services, Eatwell Productions can help you with your foodservice and public policy consulting needs:

Menu Development and Recipe Analysis
Whether you would like Eatwell Productions to help you develop new dishes or analyze and/or test existing recipes, eating plans, or dishes. We offer professionally trained chef-dietitians that excel in developing meals to suit all tastes and diets and can perform full nutritional analysis on those meals.

Population-based [Aggregate] Nutrition Assessments
Eatwell Productions can offer you professionally trained chef-dietitians who are well experienced in working with and emphasizing different culture's cuisines.

Regulatory Compliance Consulting
Eatwell Productions can offer you public policy specialists, with training in public health and experience with the major Federal nutrition programs including USDA's National School Lunch Program, Head Start, Elderly Nutrition Program, and WIC - Women, Infants, and Children.

Please contact us for pricing information.

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